30 Cheap Christmas Gifts For Kids That will Make them Happy

In less than a month, we will celebrate one of the most favourite holidays for many around the world. For children especially, the holiday is filled with laughter and joy as they eagerly open their Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. Don’t let your good girls and boys disappointed. To ensure their dream of having Santa Claus fulfilled their wishes, do check out these cheap Christmas gifts for kids.

All items have been carefully picked to ensure your children will get the full excitement.  The best thing is, they are all available at Giant Singapore Store! To save you time and hassle, we have listed here30 cheap Christmas gifts for the little girls and boys all over Singapore. Together, we can make this Christmas the most wonderful time of the year for all children.

Blue Plush BigWith a cute face and soft body, this Blue Plush resembles one of the characters from Disney’s movie, Monster Inc. Kids get attached to plus toys easily and these toys are also best for hugging and sleeping at night. Just remember to wash it every week to keep it clean and safe for your kids! Price: $10.00

BoomCo Farshot BlasterIf you have a boy who is into an active shooting game, choose this as aninexpensive Christmas gift for boys. However, be mindful of his age and encourage him to play outdoor to minimise the risk of breaking items in the house  or causing  injuries.Price: $10.00

Tobot Evolution YThis may not be a transformer from the famous Steven Spielberg movie series, but it will certainly fulfill a boy’s fantasy to battle the robot villain from space. The toy can be easily transformed from a robot fighter to a car. Get your boy excited with this Christmas gift! Price: $59.90

Ben 10 School BagMany children are still fascinated by the famous alien-fighting cartoon series, Ben 10. This school bag will make them feel extra special this Christmas. Pick this one if you have a huge fan of Ben 10 at home. Price: $13.90

Car Travel CaseThis is probably one of the coolest travel cases ever and it can also be used as a toy container. There’s plenty of space inside the car for your children to store their other toys or play with, especially if they get bored at  the airport. Comes in four colours (blue, pink, red and yellow), let your child pick and choose their favourite colours. Price: $50.00

Hot Wheels Street Hopper CarHot Wheels is one of the legendary toy brands that has been fascinating children around the world who love car racing.  This one certainly will fulfill the same mission and it’s a cheap Christmas gift idea for kids. Many young adults owned this toy when they were kids and there is no reason to keep your kids from and fulfilling their own racing fantasy. Price: $10.00

Animal Plush ToyAn animal plush toy is always not a bad idea as acheap Christmas gift for kids. Their cuteness and soft texture are perfect for the children to cuddle. From tiger, elephant, penguin, and giraffe, you can also teach the kids to learn more about the animal kingdom. It is probably somewhat difficult to look for similar plush toys in the market at this affordable price. Just like other plush toys, remember to wash it regularly by following the instruction. Price: $10.00

Kid’s SkateboardIf you are looking to elevate your kid’s sportsmanship, getting a skateboard might be an excellent idea. Just don’t forget to buy other safety equipment such as cap and knee cap. Bring the kids to the park and let them soar high. Price: $39.90

Ben 10 Stationery SetAgain, for Ben 10 fans, this stationary set is a good choice as a cheap Christmas gift ideas for kids, perfect for studying and doing homework. If you want to turn it into a full gift set, do put in other stationery such as  pencils and scissors. Price: $2.90

Disney Planes Pull and FlyDisney Plans Pull and FlyReleased by Walt Disney Studios a few years back, Planes still captures  many children’s hearts and this exclusive model from Planes should be among the top pick as a Christmas gift for your son. It does not actually fly but will roll on the floor with its wheels. Let your kids release their imagination with this toy. Price: $29.90

Battle Disc Flame BlasterAnother legendary toy that has lasted more than a decade, there is a reason why boys love it. The battle among different battle discs equipped with unique features is absolutely intriguing and no wonder it is one of thebest gift Christmas ideas for your kidat home. With a special battle plate, your kids can enjoy having their battle anywhere, anytime. Price: $14.90

Faber-Castell 24 Classic Colour Pencils SetFor those that have kids who are into colouring, getting them a set of colour pencils is probably the best idea ever. With this gift, you can encourage the children to unleash their creativity and brush up their drawing skills. To make it better, consider buying a colouring book or drawing pad for them this Christmas! Price: $7.90

Hot Wheels Workshop Track BuilderIf your kids already have Hot Wheels car, surprise them with a Hot Wheels track and let them have the most fun by building their own  tracks. This set will  certainly deliver satisfaction and excitement as the cars roll through those tracks. Price: $29.90

Monopoly JuniorNothing beats a good board game and enhances family fun than a Monopoly and the best thing is everyone can play along! Get your children and the entire family to join. On top of that, your kids can share the fun with their friends and classmates too! Price:$29.90

Kinder Bueno ChocolatesLet’s not forget that kids love chocolate and come Christmas time, these nifty chocolate bars are perfect for stocking fillers. Just don’t forget to make sure they brush and floss extra that night! Price: $13.90

Lying Dog Soft ToyThis is basically a favourite of every little girl, which will win her smile and heart this coming Christmas. All girls will adore this toy and hold it dearly, especially at night. Remember to wash it weekly to ensure the safety of your little girl! Price: $29.90

Fancy Butterfly Wall StickersIt is every girl’s dream to have a room filled with her favourite colours, animals, pattern, designs and wallpapers! With pretty wall stickers like this one, let your girl have the room of her dream. This wallpaper can also work its magic on your kids’ art project or other belongings, such as water bottles, book covers, on their closet or table. Price: $12.90

In Style/C/ON A5 Ring JournalRegardless of the kids’ age, it is always good to encourage them to write or draw. With unique and beautiful covers, you can choose one of these notebooks and wrap it as a Christmas present for your kids this coming holiday. Price: $4.50

60cm White Plush CatIf your children are more into cats, Giant has these cat soft toy in three different colours to offer! Kids won’t say no to this cutie and huggable friend Use this as a bolster for the kids, especially during sleep time. Price: $20.00

Bubble-Tastic Mermaid Doll CFF49Pretty sure every girl will at least own one Barbie Doll in her life. With an iconic look and dresses, this is definitely anirresistible Christmas gift for your kids. Comes in different styles and themes, you can choose the Barbie Doll based on your little girl’s preference. Price: $39.90

Disney Princess Stationery SetInspire her learning at school and doing homework with this fancy stationery set. Equipped with pencils, scissors, glue, ruler, eraser, and pencil case, she will be fully covered on her way to school and get more joy from studying. Price: $12.90

Disney’s Frozen Coin PurseFrozen was a hit in 2015, especially among little girls. Make your girl feel special by recalling those wonderful memories from Frozen with this coin purse! Price: $5.90

Frozen Trolley School BagDon’t let the Frozen fever stop there! Get this Frozen-inspired trolley school bag for your little girl and have her get excited about school. Price: $49.90

Hello Kitty Dress Up Toy SetYou can train your girl to tidy her hair and dress herself up with this miniature dressing set that has a cute mirror, comb, and other tools! Most importantly, Hello Kitty design is the inspiration for this special set. Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Price: $10.00

Hello Kitty MicrophoneSpeaking of Hello Kitty, you might want to check out this cool gadget, Hello Kitty microphone. If you have a little girl at home who loves to sing, get her this microphone as a Christmas present to nurture the next Taylor Swift. Who knows? Price: $12.90

Hello Kitty Water Bottle With StrawA cute pink Hello Kitty water bottle can always make a girl happier on her way to school. Do consider getting one of these as a Christmas present to cheer her up before going back to school after the Christmas break. Price: $10.00

Mini Kitchen SetLet your child embrace their inner chef! Who knows, your child might just be the next Martha Stewart or Gordon Ramsay! This mini kitchen set is the perfect way to start exposing them to the kitchen and teaching them about food and cooking. Price: $30.00

Winx Enchantix DollAnother cartoon series about fairies and good friends, many little girls would love to have one of these dolls that symbolise courage and fun. These dolls resemble  Barbie, except that they have wings. Price: $26.90

Digital Birds 2 in 1 Free PackBring out the singing talent from your children and let them learn the lullabies the easy way with these singing birds toy. With an easy control button, your kids can learn how to sing  and have fun along the way. Price: $34.90

Yupi Sour BurgerAll kids have a soft spot for candies and desserts. Deliver joy to them with these different candies wrapped in nice Christmas decorative papers or boxes. Voila, there’s your inexpensive Christmas gift idea for your kidPrice: $1.40 (per packet)

Christmas is such a special holiday that embraces love and warmth, sparkling our family spirit. Children bring joy to our lives and you can make them even happier with our Christmas gift ideas.